About New Creations Academy


Christ-Centered Community

 The world is waiting for leaders who are skilled and effective, who will lead from their values. All of our classes help students explore their God-given creativity in a way that honors The Creator. Christ is at the heart of each subject and lesson. We emphasize developing skills and striving for excellence, with systematic instruction that helps students grow. Our hope is to be part of the training each student needs to realize the future God has planned.


Wide Variety of Courses, Diverse Staff

Our instructors are former homeschool students or parents, with varied experience in teaching, some certified to teach in the public school system or higher education. But above all, we choose instructors who are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their courses and lessons. We offer many different subjects, from fine arts to cultural geography, from music to civics.


Convenient Schedule

Homeschooling families looking for a place nearby where they can learn in a group setting will find our homeschool-friendly days and times convenient. We meet during the "school day" so you can save evenings for family and other activities. Students may take a single course per week, or up to all five. Scholarships and volume discounts are available.