Winter/Spring 2020 Semester

General Information


Generally, we offer instruction for children age 10+, although some selected classes are open to younger children. Parents are always invited to join their child(ren) in class to observe, and are welcome to participate fully in classes at a greatly reduced rate. Adult students who are not accompanying a homeschool student are not served at this time.


The application fee is $50 per student, with a maximum per family of $120. 

Student 1: $50

Student 2: $50

Student 3: $20

Student 4+: $0

Each student will pay an application fee, even when applying for/receiving a scholarship for Tuition Reduction.

Each course has it's own lab fees/materials cost, which will be paid after registration, even when applying for/receiving a scholarship for Tuition Reduction.


We'd love to have your family join us this term! There is a brief Application, with a required $50.00 Application Fee. We accept as many student applications as we can. The Application Fee is non-refundable and payable by online invoice (we send a link to your email address when we receive your application online) so you can pay with credit/debit card or even online via ACH/Check.

We use completed and paid applications to make decisions about space allocation and offers to instructors. Your application is not complete until the payment has been remitted/received.