Financial Policies

No refunds

Sorry, we don't pro-rate for absences, vacations or illness. We don't offer refunds on tuition or materials fees. Registration fees are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled entirely before it begins.

Some accommodation might be made if a student comes early or stays late to work on exercises or projects, with a

Tuition & Fees

Lab/Materials Fee

Registration/Application Fee

Class Fees / Tuition


Each  course has it's own lab fees/materials cost, which will be payable after registration, even when applying for/receiving a scholarship for Tuition  Reduction. The lab/materials fees are all-inclusive for the tools and supplies needed during class time, meaning once it's paid for the semester, no other materials or supplies will be needed for the class, during class time (not even for the final art exhibit :-) 

If the student wants to practice at home between classes (which is heartily recommended), the student will need some basic tools of their own (except in the case of Drawing with graphite- that's just a regular pencil, nothing special, and some paper).

To grow as an artist, your student should plan to practice daily. Every student should consider getting a sketchbook or journal, a pencil, eraser, and a sharpener. We are happy to make recommendations about specific art materials that are sufficient quality for student work at home, and are still affordable.

Lab / Materials Fees for each class will be specified in the course description during the Registration process.

Class Fees / Tuition

Registration/Application Fee

Class Fees / Tuition


Classes cost $60/month for each hour per week. Discounts are available for multiple classes per week, and apply to all classes taken by a family.

2-3 classes per week = 10% discount

4-5 classes per week = 15% discount

6-8 classes per week = 20% discount

9-13 classes per week = 25% discount

It is *not* necessary for any of the students in the family to take all 5 class-hours offered to receive discounts. The total number of classes per week taken by all family members added together determines the class count discount.

Generally, classes run for about one hour per week, all four weeks per month. If a class has a different length or frequency, that will be specified in the course description. 

Registration/Application Fee

Registration/Application Fee

Registration/Application Fee


All students pay the Application Fee once per year. The maximum per family is $120. 


Fee for Student 1: $50

Fee for Student 2: $50

Fee for Student 3: $20

Fee for Student 4+: $0


Fee for Student 1: $35

Fee for Student 2: $35

Fee for Student 3: $35

Fee for Student 4: $15

Fee for Student 5+: $0

Each student will pay the appropriate application fee, even when applying for/receiving a scholarship for Tuition Reduction.

Payment Options

Grand Opening Pricing

Registration/Application Fee


Application/Registration fees are payable at the time of application.

Lab/Materials fees are due ONCE ANNUALLY by the first day of classes.

Class fees/Tuition for the full semester is payable either all at once, by the first day of classes, or may be divided into SIX (6) equal installments, due by the 5th of each month 

  • September 5th
  • October 5th
  • November 5th
  • February 5th
  • March 5th
  • April 5th

If you choose to pay in installments, you will receive an invoice via email containing a link for online credit/debit card payment, or ACH/check payment, or you may sign up for automatic billing.

Checks and cash are also welcome at the front desk on a class day.

Grand Opening Pricing

Grand Opening Pricing

Grand Opening Pricing


"VOLUME" DISCOUNT Tuition/Class Fees are reduced further this semester if you APPLY and complete your first payment BEFORE August 30th, you pay only:

1 Class/Week = $60/month

2 Classes/Week = $108/month - $20 = $88/month (up to 2 students, same family)

3 Classes/Week = $162/month - $30 = $132/month (up to 3 students, same family)

4 Classes/Week = $204/month - $40 = $164/month (up to 4 students, same family)

5 Classes/Week = $255/month - $50 = $205/month (up to 5 students, same family)

6 Classes/Week = $288/month - $60 = $228/month (up to 6 students, same  family)

7 Classes/Week = $336/month - $70 = $266/month

8 Classes/Week = $384/month - $80 = $304/month

9 Classes/Week =  (25%) $405/month - $90 = $315/month

10 Classes/Week = (25%)  $450/month - $100 = $350/month 


Grand Opening Pricing

Grand Opening Pricing


We want to make activities and classes available to as many people as possible! Need-Based Scholarships for tuition reduction are available. See the Scholarships tab for details.