Frequently Asked Questions


Must Students Take All 5 Classes Offered in a Day?

Students may enroll in a single class, two classes, or any number up to the total offered per class day. Some students choose to attend classes at more than location.

Is homework required of students?

Homework is rarely required of beginning level students. We do often SUGGEST materials or exercises that will help a student improve their skills between classes. Practice always helps to speed improvement. You get out of the activities what you put into them. But since there aren't any grade requirements here, homework is optional.

Must parents stay at the facility during classes or activities?

We consider our activities to be "drop-off" in nature. Parents are not required to remain on site. But all parents are welcome to observe provided they do not interrupt the instructio . If a parent would like to stay on site or attend a class, they should notify the administrator and ask the instructor of the course(s) where they may sit/stand to observe. We do offer significant discounts for parents taking classes along with their students, same days and hours. Ask about the pricing!

Must students be Christians to attend?

New Creations Academy is an enrichment program geared toward homeschoolers with religious backgrounds. We aim to  keep Christ at the center of each course, and each lesson. We believe God is the source of all creativity, and encourage students to seek Him for inspiration, ideas and improvement. We pray for and with the students. If a student is comfortable with that environment, they are more than welcome to attend and get all they can from the community interactions. But there is no religious requirement. Our families come from varied backgrounds and traditions of the Judeo-Christian perspective. We find where we can agree, and leave other issues outside the instruction and socializing.

Must students be a specific type of homeschooler to attend?

New Creations Academy is open to students without regard to type of education philosophy or materials. While our meeting times make it difficult for public schooled students to attend, students are invited if they can work classes into their schedule. 

If students attend a charter school that prohibits their allotment funds to be used in payments to religious programs, the parent must make their own arrangements for payment of fees. New Creations Academy does not encourage parents to use those public funds for payment here. We do not make any assurances that we are acceptable "vendors" or extracurricular providers for any pubic charter program. Parents are responsible for determining if their payments to New Creations Academy are appropriate for the funding source.

How long should a student plan to study at New Creations Academy?

Students may drop in for a single semester, just to explore their creative side, or may plan to study for several years to really immerse themselves in the material. New Creations Academy offers acknowledgement of progress and years spent in diligent study. While it's not exactly a "graduation," an acknowledgement of a student's work and consistency would come at the end of full-time enrollment and completion of one of our levels of recommended progression.

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Payment Methods and Billing

 Registration and Payments are all made online in the Parent Portal (accessible from the website, under the Registration link). Monthly tuition is billed via email invoice. Payments can then be made at your convenience before the 5th of the month, using the same Parent Portal. Any major credit/debit card or even ACH check payment is accepted.
If you prefer to pay with check or cash, see Gia on any regular class day.


The Course Catalog is on the website or in the Files of the Facebook group

Fall 2019 we do not have any “requisites” to join a class aside  from age/development. We have suggestions for some courses. Please  register for the class(es) your student is most interested in and we  will adapt the instruction and projects.

Annual or Semester Registration?

Must I register for the entire year, or can I just attend a single semester at a time?

 While our classes are designed for 24 weeks in the same medium, you  could always choose not to return in the Spring if your schedule  changes. No obligation. But Registration incorporates the fees for a  whole year.

We are offering a  year-long program, so in the first semester students will focus on  learning techniques and completing small exercises to practice those  techniques. The second semester will focus on learning a few more  techniques, and then incorporating as many of those as practical in one  final project for the Art Showcase.

Exploring Art for age 7-9 is  different in that the students complete a small project every week or  two. Over the course of the semester they will explore a variety of  media and techniques, so we can accept enrollment at nearly any time.

We will offer a few additional courses that will begin in the winter,  so students can add classes, or join up at that time. But Fall courses  are full-year and will not conclude until the end of April.

There  is not obligation to continue after the Fall semester. We just believe  it will benefit students to study the medium for a full 24 weeks. If you  find the medium just doesn’t work for your student, you are welcome to  switch classes within the first 2 weeks of the semester, or drop out  altogether (heaven forbid!)). :-)

Annual Registration and Materials/Lab fees are paid once at the  beginning of the academic year, with the exception of any classes  created to begin in January.

Age Restrictions

If the age range for the class your student  finds interesting is, for example, 10+, but your student is only 9, can  she still join?

Yes. We are flexible in age restrictions for one  year younger and one year older than the stated age range, provided the  student is interested in the material, able to sit still and focus, and  demonstrates development in coordination necessary to succeed in the  class.

So if your student will be  within 1 year of the stated age range by the first day of classes, the  system will accept your registration.

Students outside of the age  range by more than one year may be considered by the instructor and  administration on a case-by-case basis.

Can parents take art classes with their child?

You  are welcome to stay and take a class while your child(ren) are taking  one. We waive Annual Registration for parents, and tuition. We ask that  you pay the Materials/Lab fees for yourself, even if you intend to bring  your own supplies. 

There must be  room left in the class when you register, and we ask that you come  regularly so you can keep up with the instruction and it doesn’t end up  being two different classes in one hour for the Instructor to try to  juggle. 😊

You must work on the same material in the same medium as that class.  You are joining a class with children. So only current homeschooling  parents are invited at this time. No random adults 🙂

**Anna offers private lessons outside of class time.** ask Gia about booking those.

So, pop into the Parent Portal and Register yourself for the  hour/subject you want, and I’ll adjust your billing manually after you  send me a message saying you’re joining.

Are all pencils equal when it comes to drawing?

 Nope. Dixon Ticonderoga are the pencils recommended by Anna for graphite drawing...and they're good for math and  history as well. Usually $8 for a dozen. Sometimes at Costco or even on Amazon you can get 96 for $10. Ticonderoga Pencils, Wood-Cased, Graphite #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 96-Pack  (13872)