Anna Harrison Portfolio

 Anna's work posted on social media shows a bit of the talent she's been cultivating for more than a decade of teaching fine art. She enjoys painting with watercolor, oil and soft pastels, but several of these works are graphite pencil and pen & ink. 

Anna likes to create larger-than-life images, and a good portion of these works are 24x36" or similar size. She spends many hours layering and perfecting the details of her subjects. 

Meeghen Gough Portfolio

Meeghen Gough has been working on this great #100DayArtChallenge and has posted the pieces she's created. She spends about 30-60 minutes on each, trying to create something #artistic start-to-finish every day for 100 consecutive days. Most of them are in #softpastels and are often smaller in size to accommodate her determined time-limit...around 9 x 6" 

Being a busy mom of 6 means she has to be efficient with her creative time.

It's wonderful, and such a good exercise for an #artist to just go make something, and don't linger over it forever because it  has to be finished. Then to post it to social media for accountability is a great discipline. #Pastels #artistsofig #artteachersofig #pasteldrawing