Meeghen Gough

Meeghen Gough, Instructor
Exploring Art, Pastels, Colored Pencils

 Drawing with Colored Pencils,
Drawing with Pastels,
Exploring Art

Meeghen is a homeschooling mom of six, four of whom have graduated high school. She has lived in Oregon for many years, and has always enjoyed making art of all kinds. She  especially loves seeing kids recognize that they too can create something beautiful. 

Lara Butler


Exploring Music, Vocal Fundamentals 

Drama & Literature, Theater & Shakespeare, Art of Poetry, Cultural Geography

Lara is a homeschooling mom and professional vocalist with many years teaching piano, singing, and drama. She was formerly a licensed public elementary school teacher. Her family recently moved to Oregon.

John Gallegos


Stop-Motion Video, Live-Action Video, Illustrator, Photoshop, Silkscreening in Art & Business, Leadership, eCommerce, Audio Recording, Guitar

John is a homeschooling father who has been making movies, designing audio and teaching children's church for decades.


Gia Gallegos, Operations Manager & Instructor


Gia is a homeschooling mom whose career has been varied - from  marketing management, advertising and graphic arts, to teaching in private liberal arts and business colleges. With a passion for media and communications, she’s worked for network-affiliate television, city-wide daily newspapers, national hotel chains and small non-profits. In college, she studied math, accounting, journalism, and publishing, earning her Associates degree. Since becoming a homeschooling mother, she’s moved to teaching crafts and civics in co-ops, managing social media, and encouraging homeschool parents. 

Her extended family is full of pastors, missionaries and full-time ministers, as well as entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and performers. She spends much of her time now supporting her daughter’s arts education. Gia loves cooking, travel, music, and reading. Her goal as an administrator is to make New Creations Academy run smoothly, stay legal, and to keep parents informed about the amazing progress their talented children are making finding their God-given creative gifts. 

Anna Harrison, Art Program Manager & Instructor


Instructor in Drawing, Pastels, Pen & Ink, Painting with Watercolor, Oils  and Acrylic

Anna has been studying classical art for over 15 years, first as a homeschooled student, then as an art instructor. She has spent the past decade teaching children and adults in fine arts using various media. Her passion lies in working in all the classical art forms and sharing her love of drawing and painting in the style of the old masters. In 2011, she became the first graduate from MSOA’s college program as a Certified Instructor, with a Masters in drawing and painting. 

New Creations Academy is the realization of her dream to teach fine art in a systematic way so students learn the time-tested classical methods, and express their artistic talents in a way that glorifies God. 


The Board of Directors
New Creations Academy
Will Coulter, Anna Harrison, Gia & John Gallegos

We are looking for teachers!

Very Part-Time TEACHER WANTED for our Christ-centered  leadership and creative arts academy for homeschoolers, offering  supplemental classes and enrichment activities.

 We have room for one more teacher in our schedule and building. Do you  know someone (or are you someone) who is qualified to and interested in teaching this semester?

We are open to subjects that helps us  maintain our focus on Christ-centered leadership and creativity.  

We are hoping to find an instructor for Manga/Anime, Cartooning, Animal Painting/Drawing, Fashion Design, Sewing or Art Quilting.  We have room to consider hosting contests, a Bible bee, a  Science Fair, geography bee, a craft fair, plein air painting and field  trips near and far.

If this sounds interesting, click for the online APPLICATION to TEACH, at this link:

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